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The Uplift Approach

Has the diet approach to health fallen short for you? Restrictive diets, unsustainable change, poor body image, exercise as punishment, shame & blame, lack of body-trust, the diet and exercise roller coaster, etc.

Any of those sound familiar? Let's try a different approach!


The Uplift approach is person-focused using techniques of Motivational Interviewing (MI) to help you recreate your relationship with movement, body and food. This helps to build a more uplifting and health-full life!


I am aligned with a weight-inclusive and non-diet approach. I work from an all movement matters and all foods fit mindset. 

Types of people I work with: 

  • Folks who are tired of the shame & blame and yo-yo cycle of the diet lifestyle.  

  •  People who are exhausted from the "no pain, no gain" exercise mentality. 


  • Clients facing chronic health challenges who want a partner in health.   

  • People with a history of dysfunctional exercise who want to improve their relationship with movement in an uplifting and life-enhancing way.

  • Anyone else who would like to let go of the body as a measuring stick and focus on caring for the person as a whole. 

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