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Personalized Exercise &
Movement Sessions

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Individualized to Your Health Needs & Goals

Has the typical gym atmosphere not worked well for you? Try our one-on-one movement and exercise coaching. Sessions are offered in-person and last 50 minutes. These personal training sessions are never focused on aesthetics. There are many other goals we can focus instead of using the body as a measuring stick. Our philosophy is aligned with caring for the person as a whole and finding what movement works well based on your current health needs. 

I Help People Exercise Safely with Chronic Conditions & During Life Transitions: 

Autoimmune Disease

Pre & Post-Natal

Heart Disease

Perimenopause & Menopause

Mental Health Conditions


How is My Work Different?

We don't make your session up on the go-- that's not quality coaching.


Mobility, Stability, Endurance, Strength, Flexibility, Heartrate, Blood Pressure  & 02 (if indicated). These are completed initially and repeated as indicated throughout your program.

Exercise Prescription Plan

We use principles of exercise prescription to progress you safely and efficiently over time. We also work to find your Optimal Effective Dose!

Updates & Collaboration

We adapt and update your plan monthly. We also communicate with any healthcare professionals you would like for us to on a quarterly basis.


The Uplift Method


Assess for mobility, stability, endurance, strength, healthy history. 


Build an individual exercise prescription plan.


Provide options to meet your health needs and goals. 


Progress the plan safely using principles of exercise prescription and optimal effective dose.


Update and adapt the plan using the Function-Health-Fitness-Performance continuum.

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