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Upcoming 2024 Events

Light On Yoga Fitness Wellness Event

  • Thursday, March 21st from 5:30pm-7:00pm

  • Huntsville, AL

  • Learn about the services we offer at The Balanced Life, LLC

  • Get to know more about non-diet health coaching & intuitive eating

  • Gain insight into when a Medical Exercise Specialist can be beneficial

  • Learn about returning to movement safely during eating disorder recovery

The Balanced Life, LLC Clinical Training

  • Friday, June 14th from 12:15pm-3:45pm

  • Madison Library 

  • 3 Contact Hours for NBCC or ABSWE

  • Session: Health & Movement from an Intuitive Approach

    • Define the principles of intuitive eating and movement

    • Identify helpful versus harmful health-related behaviors

    • List the health benefits of intuitive eating

    • Learn research on physical activity and exercise for mental health

    • Demonstrate skills regarding health behavior change

    • Reframe your approach to positively impact your clients

Empowered Rx Podcast

  • Release date TBD

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