Is your health taking a back seat?

Life can get crazy busy! I totally get it!

Between work, family, kids, cooking, cleaning, washing, travel, social & sports commitments, there can be a LOT of balls in the air.

And you are tired!!!! And Stressed and not talking care of yourself. 

How can you possibly fit in and summon the energy to cultivate a healthier lifestyle too?

My question to you is how can you not?

If you are tired and lack lustre now there is already little fuel left in the tank before that engine of yours completely stops working altogether.


Start with committing 10mins/day to form a healthy self-care habit with the knowledge and intent that this is the best investment you will ever make.

Start filling your own tank, so you can be the best version of yourself and have more energy to invest in the things and people you love.

If you would like more help on your health journey, I am running an online 6 Week Renovation.

Throughout this journey, you'll learn how to use nutrient dense food and lifestyle habits that turn you into a fat burning beast, optimize your health and give you abundant energy!

Uplift Health 6 Week Renovation

Come join my 6 Week Renovation Plan to get you on the road to a NEW YOU!

  • Learn what foods to eat, how to move & lifestyle habits to dial in to become an energised fat burning beast! 

  • Completely overhaul your health, energy and body composition by reprogramming your Genes with proper nutrition, fitness and lifestyle designed for busy lives.

  • Making lasting change takes small steps in the right direction and I can help give you the tools to get where you want to be! 


Have someone guide you through the obstacles that get in your way of a better you tomorrow.

There's never going to be a good time to live your best life, why wait? 

Here's What to Expect


The renovation is broken up into 4 phases where we'll concentrate on one thing at a time, in order to make it easier to adopt into your busy lifestyle.


Phase One: Food and Fuel Simplified

  • Foods that Optimize Your Health & Well being

  • Fuel to Help You Burn Fat & Become Fat Adapted

Phase Two: Lifestyle Simplified

  • Get Better Quality Sleep

  • Crush Stress & Anxiety

Phase Three: Fitness Minimalised

  • No Gym Membership Necessary

  • Doing The Least To Become Your Best

Phase Four: Up Your Game

  • Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting

  • Sunlight, Play & Brain Fitness


Sign Up and You Get:

  • A Proven Plan

  • Mindset and mindfulness coaching

  • Weekly group laser coaching sessions

  • Sample meal plan

  • Shopping guide

  • Easy meal & recipe ideas

  • Considerations for kids and other family members

  • Video support resources

  • Exercise guidance and troubleshooting

  • Time hacks, life hacks, bio hacks

  • Access to a private Facebook group 

  • Daily support & community of like-minded people


Hello, I’m Sara Isbister! Certified Primal Health Coach, Certified Pilates Therapist & Exercise Specialist.

I struggled with an assortment of health problems for 20 years …

  • Chronic Injury

  • Back Pain

  • Depression

  • Hypothyroidism

  • weight gain and

  • IBS

Eventually, I became fed up with conventional health and the lack of emphasis on what the root cause of my problems were.


Positive shifts occurred when I decided to take my health into my own hands and I now feel amazing and love the energy I have gained. I have a vibrancy and vitality for life that I once thought impossible.

If you’ve found my page I know you have your own struggles and are looking for something different, something that won’t be temporary.

You’re probably frustrated and sick of nothing working!

YOU are in the right place, my job is to help you regain your joy for life, food, movement and leave the stress of all the restrictions behind! Let’s live vibrantly!


6th May - 18th June

Sara is amazing and really knows her stuff! Fully trustworthy and would recommend as she is so passionate about caring for your body.
— Ally, Wellington, NZ
Came away feeling great and armed with some new tools I’m using daily. Highly Recommend!
— Bec, Christchurch, NZ
It has been such a pleasure knowing Sara, she has a wealth of knowledge regarding all things health, exercise, and mindfulness with many years of experience. She has a kind and caring warmness about her and will always help you come up with new ideas and solutions. Highly recommend working with Sara, she will open your mind up to things you didn’t think possible.
— Charlotte, H. Christchurch, NZ
Sara is just a warm soul carrying around a huge bunch of inspiration and knowledge. Sara openly welcomed me into her world and accommodated my needs with open arms.
— Chantel, C. Christchurch, NZ


Why Primal?

Primal Health Coaching is the singular coaching certification founded in scientifically validated ancestral health principles.

The context for this model, supports maximum vitality and well-being through the timeless integration of strategies across a broad spectrum of lifestyle dimensions, including nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress management, sun, play and enrichment. 

The goal is straightforward even while the biological mechanisms are complex: normalize hormonal responses by adapting evolutionary patterns for modern day lifestyles and effecting desirable change in gene expression patterns toward optimum functioning.

The result is a reasonable plan that leaves plenty of room for individual design and preference. 

Are you ready to better your life?

Do you make customized, individual meal plans?

Health coaches are advocates for behaviour change and that being said, very few people ever established a new behaviour and had it stick from following a prescribed meal plan. The entire goal is to eventually graduate clients from my care, and I need to feel confident that my clients know how to feed themselves in the absence of a meal plan. I supply my clients with a comprehensive “Foods To Use” and “Foods To Lose” list, and let them make meals they love, in whatever configuration they like.

If you still have questions...