1:1 Pilates & Exercise 30 Day Plan with Sara

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1:1 Pilates & Exercise 30 Day Plan with Sara


1:1 Pilates & Exercise 30 Day Plan

  • 2x 55min Exercise Prescription Consults (in person/online)

  • 1x 30min Final Assessment Consult (in person/online)

  • Movement assessment (Session 1)

  • Personalized Program (Session 2)

  • Unlimited email support for any questions you might have

  • Weekly check ins

We know that we want to workout, because it's "healthy", we want to lose weight, we want to "tone up" and generally just lead a more active lifestyle. However,  do we really know what we are doing? Are we programming? Scheduling? Periodizing? Performing assessments and form checks? monitoring Heart Zones? Are we really getting the MAXIMUM benefits from our precious time spent on our physical endeavors? Often, the answer is no. 

Whether your looking to improve performance, injury prevention, mobility and everything else in between, learning to move better is the key to success for a happy and healthy life.

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