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The Uplift Course
Available Spring 2024

Who is the Uplift course for? Anyone who wants to...

  • Improve their lives in a positive way. 

  • Say no to dieting for good.

  • Enhance quality of life with helpful movement. 

  • Develop body neutrality and acceptance. 

What is included in the Uplift course? 

  • 6 modules with videos, handouts and recommended activities to enhance learning. 

  • Delivered online. 

  • Work at your own pace and at your own convenience. 

What topics are covered in the Uplift course? 

  • Saying no to dieting.

  • Learning to listen to your body's cues. 

  • Letting go of shame and blame related to body, food and movement. 

  • Cultivating body neutrality. 

  • Making peace with your health. 

  • Trying uplifting movement. 

  • Building an uplifting community

Bonus! Also included with this course is: 

  • An intuitive movement diary template to help you recognize feelings and symptoms. 

  • A movement bingo card to help keep activity joyful and fun!

  • A list of resources to help you continue learning. 

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