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Personalized Exercise & Movement Sessions

Exercise individualized to your health needs and goals

Interested in one-one-one movement and exercise coaching? Sessions are offered in-person and last 50 minutes. 

Programs Coming in 2024

Uplift Foundation Program
Are you wanting to incorporate movement into your routine for the first time? Or getting back into it after a break? This program is to help you build a movement foundation and includes 3-4 days per week, starting out with 30 minute sessions and progressing over the 8 weeks.


Program focus: creating an intuitive relationship with movement, aerobic foundation, joint stability and mobility, stamina in body-weight movements, renewing rest and recovery. 

Equipment needed: Walking path, mat, resistance band. 

Uplift Build Program

Have you been doing some type of consistent movement for the past 3 months at 3-4 times per week for 30 minutes or more? This 8 week program builds off The Foundation Program and increases to 4-5 days per week, including aerobic movement for cardiovascular health and resistance training for bone and muscle health. 

Program focus: building on the intuitive relationship with movement, aerobic capacity, muscle endurance, balance, confidence in body, renewing rest and recovery. 

Equipment needed: Walking path or cardio equipment, mat, resistance band, dumbbells. 

Uplift Performance Program

Have you been doing consistent movement for > 3 months and are you interested to focus on health and performance-based movement? This 12 week program schedules 5 days per week of movements including resistance training using gym equipment and cardio including 1-2x per week of high-intensity training.

Program focus: staying open to intuitive movement, aerobic capacity, muscle strength and endurance, skill-related fitness such as: power, speed, coordination, renewing rest and recovery.

Equipment needed: Outdoor path or cardio equipment, mat, dumbbells, barbells, cable machines, bench. 



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